Overland Outfitting

Onboard Air Compressor

Total Price: Varies

Made by ARB for those crazy Aussies down under, the ARB compressor is not just a great addition to your overland or camper rig but at times it is the difference between you getting stuck and driving on. Airing down your tires on sandy, muddy or washboard roads gives your van more stability, a wider footprint and smoother ride comfort when gallivanting about on non asphalt services.

*Our installation prices do not include the cost of mounting brackets or hardware. 

**It’s important to remember when airing down tires to not drive too fast or turn the tires sharply as doing so can cause the bead in the tire to pop resulting in an instant flat and off the rim tire. Please ensure your deflated tires can handle the weight of your Vanagon before attempting to drive aired down.


Onboard Air Compressor Recommendations


ARB Onboard Air Compressor
Timeline: 30 days from order

Light weight, small, 12v. This tough son of a gun will fit perfectly behind the Vanagon taillight. Also required with this compressor is the ARB Manifold Locker kit.

ARB Tire Inflator w/Guage
Timeline: 7-10 days from order

Designed for quick and accurate tire inflation with an in-line gauge, the ARB Inflator can be fitted to ARB compressors with the US standard fitting, or the fitting can be removed and retrofitted with any air fitting using 1⁄4 NPT thread.

ARB E-Z Deflator Kit
Timeline: 7-10 days from order

The unique, patented design of the E-Z deflator allows for removal of the valve core for rapid tire deflation, while also providing accurate pressure reading via the simple movement of a sliding valve.

*Prices do not include labor