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Long considered the Swiss Army Knife of vehicles, the Volkswagen Vanagon is in a category all of its own. Space efficient, nimble, capable and in the weirdest most implausible way stylish, once the Vanagon gets a hold of you, you never want to let it go. 

Like you, we have a deep seated love for the Volkswagen Vanagon. But sadly, these vans are getting long in the tooth. That’s where we come in. Committed to keeping 1983-1991 watercooled Vanagons on the road, Mountain Bus Werks exists to give you and your Vanagon the confidence to drive on.

Illustration by  Daniel Yorba

Illustration by Daniel Yorba



We can help you update your Vanagon’s motor with more reliable and powerful alternatives.


Each and every Vanagon has its own set of issues and quirks. Whatever is ailing your bus, we can fix it.



Modernize, camperize, winterize or sexify your old Vanagon. We can help with any number of upgrades.

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84 Point Inspection Service


My name is Stephen

I am the founder and owner of Mountain Bus Werks. For many years I have owned and traveled in buses and like many of my customers, I am smitten with these vans in a way that just doesn't seem reasonable. I trained as an aircraft mechanic in college and have worked on aircraft for most of my career. But my passion lies with these Vanagons. So, I decided to bring my skills over from the aircraft maintenance world and apply the rigors and attention to detail necessary for aircraft repair to repairing and restoring Vanagons. I am committed to always giving you my very best and to providing you with the best service you will experience in our industry.

or call me: 719-440-2553

what our friends say

How lucky for me that Stephen chose to be a bus whisperer in life! As a long time VW owner, I can say Steve Sunkel is the best VW mechanic I've ever worked with. He's fast, knowledgeable, well priced, and very dependable. 

- Kara in Colorado Springs, CO     

Stephen is our Vanagon Jedi Master. Whether we're just traveling through and need some minor work done, or coming to stay for a while because we're getting some major work, he's the one VW guy we'll drive out of our way to see.

- Jorge and Jessica from the road     

Stephen is an intelligent, good natured person who takes excellent care of my Vanagon. He's extremely flexible and accomodating, even when that means you and your dog need to stick around while he works on the Van!

- Sara in Crestone, CO

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