Image courtesy of  Van Cafe

Image courtesy of Van Cafe


Fuel Lines and Fuel Seals

Total Price: $495 - $580


If you haven’t had your fuel lines replaced in your Vanagon, don’t wait another day. Seriously. Google “Vanagon fire” and take a look at the photos. The fuel lines that were installed at the factory are suspect at best. Change them out before you’re watching your beloved Vanagon burn to the ground. 



To help reduce smog, the US Government began requiring auto manufacturers to utilize seals on gas tanks to help prevent so much fuel from evaporating and causing gross, low hanging pollution that we all had to breathe. After about 25 years or more the seals in your gas tank need replacing. If you’re smelling gas, bring your Vanagon to us and let us have a look. It could be that your fuel tank needs to be re-sealed.



Fuel System
Upgrade Install

Includes the price of the fuel system components and installation labor.

$495 -


*In some cases, labor costs may vary.