Vanagon Interior Services

Fridge Installation

Total Price: $85-$255 (labor only)

Ice coolers are the rotary phones of cold food storage solutions. No one likes mushy, slimy food packaging, and don’t even get us started on keeping raw meats sitting in melting ice. The horror of that makes us queasy. Ditch the cooler and level up your Vanlife game by using an onboard refrigerator. Whether you decide to go with the floor fridge from ARB or Engel or you decide to get the replacement for your stock Westfalia fridge, the TF49 Truckfridge, we can help you get up and running.


Recommended Refrigerators


TF49 Truckfridge
Timeline: 7-10 days from order

This 49qt capacity fridge fits perfectly in your Westfalia’s fridge cabinet. Eliminate your inefficient propane reliant stock fridge and go with the TF49. Quiet, efficient, durable. It’s a great choice for your camper Vanagon.

Shop here: Westy Ventures

Engel MR40 Floor Fridge
Timeline: 7-10 days from order

If you don’t have a camper Westy interior or don’t want to use up space in your camper furniture for a fridge, then something like this Engel is the way to go. Super efficient and very quiet. Ditch the cooler and keep your food chilled with this floor ridge.

Shop here: GoWesty

ARB 50qt Fridge and Freezer
Timeline: 7-10 days from order

Rugged, efficient, reliable, and has a built in feature to prevent the fridge from drawing down your house batteries, this is the choice a number of overlanders choose to keep their fine meats and cheeses cool and fresh.

Shop here: Amazon

*Prices do not include labor