*Image may not be exact match to installed kit

*Image may not be exact match to installed kit


Bigger Brakes

Total Price: $1200–$1400 

Stock brakes in your Vanagon just don’t feel adequate for the size and weight of your van. The brakes often feel squishy and just don’t have the stopping power of more modern brake systems. And if you have the heavier Syncro or bigger wheels and tires, the stock brakes just aren’t sufficient for emergency stops. Installing the much larger 11” vented disc brakes in the front of your Vanagon will give you that extra peace of mind whether you're gallivanting around town or descending some mountain pass.



Bigger Brakes

Includes the price of the bigger brakes and installation labor.

$1,200 -

Syncro Vanagon


2WD Vanagon

*In some cases, labor costs may vary.