Overland Outfitting

Auxiliary Lighting

Total Price: Varies

Add some high powered LED lights to your overland or camper rig. There are many different kinds of lights out there varying from quite cheap to very expensive. In our view, the higher end lights are worth the price as they tend to resist moisture and more abuse than cheaper counterparts. Either way, we’re happy to install the lights you choose onto your Vanagon.


*Our installation prices do not include the cost of mounting brackets or hardware. Often times,  elements have to be custom fabricated.

Recommended Auxiliary Lighting

arb intensity.jpg

ARB Intensity 6.7"
Timeline: 30 days from order

The new AR21 Intensity LED driving light is available in either spot or flood beam configuration and offers 21 LED’s per light!

Vision X Light Cannons
Timeline: 7-10 days from order

These come in three sizes. From 4.5” to 8.7”, these lights offer you at minimum 1000ft of usable light. When combined with a light bar, these will light the way forward in the darkest environments.

Vision X Dura 640 Work Light
Timeline: 7-10 days from order

Attach one of these on the rear of your camper and now you have a campsite light. 

*Prices do not include labor

**There are a number of different brands, sizes, styles and shapes of LED auxilliary lighting out there
and we recommend you do your due diligence in choosing which one you would like to have us install for you.